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Curriculum Overview

Greenfields Academy - Part of C.I.T Academies

Our vision for our curriculum

Although Greenfields Academy may be a small school, we want our pupils to have big ambitions and high expectations of themselves. We are an outward looking school, with a strong sense of community and we aim to create a curriculum that truly meets the needs of our pupils.

It’s our pupils voices that we want to drive and shape that curriculum; a rich, exciting and balanced curriculum which enables each individual child to develop emotionally, creatively, socially, physically, and academically, at a pace that enables them to flourish. Our curriculum will enable pupils to share ideas, express their opinions and apply knowledge and skills learned in a wide range of meaningful contexts. It will offer opportunities for all pupils to investigate, question, debate, challenge and reflect. It will enable all pupils to flourish and to be the very best they can be, but most of all, be themselves.

To support the implementation of our vision we will create:
• Exciting and challenging opportunities to promote our pupils personal development and understanding of their own emotional and physical wellbeing
• An ethos where all pupils are encouraged and supported, and challenge is embraced
• A culture of working independently and collaboratively, where we see getting something wrong as part of learning how to get it right
• A stimulating, safe, environment for developing inquisitive, independent and resilient lifelong learners who work hard and strive for excellence

Our wider Primary curriculum is organised into discrete subject specific work taught as ‘stand-alone’ units of learning and ‘cross-curricular’ or ‘topic’ learning, where meaningful links can be made with other subjects to help secure prior learning or develop learning further.
All ‘units’ of learning have an entry based ‘hook’ to excite and engage pupils and a ‘purpose’ for study, so that learning is meaningful and relevant for them. Where possible, learning will be supported and enriched by forest school, visits, workshops, role-play and practical resources.

Our Secondary curriculum is seen as a stepping-stone to our pupils’ ambitions and not a destination. we prioritise Pastoral and Academic progress equally with a diverse, balanced and engaging curriculum. Within secondary, pupils are taught within the chronological Year groups. From September 2020 our Key Stage 3 (Year 7, 8 & 9) is a ‘Phased Nurture’ approach. At Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & 11) pupils combine their study of the Core subjects and Personalised subject choices from a broad suite of courses and awards to varying levels, this offer changing yearly based on the specific needs of each cohort.

Along with high academic standards, Greenfields Academy places great emphasis on nurturing kind, respectful and honest citizens. These qualities are reflected across our academy and in all our values. We encourage pupils to take responsibility for their actions and to work collaboratively as part of our whole school community. Ultimately, we encourage our pupils to develop the life skills to become confident, caring citizens who can play a positive and active role in modern society.

It is important that our pupils are equipped with the necessary skills for the fast-changing world in which we live. This means that they need to be adaptable, able to apply their learning in a wide range of contexts and develop strategies for what to do when they’re unsure. We want our pupils to be active learners, questioning, investigating, challenging themselves and sharing responsibility for driving their own learning. Above all, we want our pupils to give their very best and to be proud of all their achievements.


How will we achieve this?

At Greenfields Academy we follow a PACE curriculum model; Personalised, Aspirational, Caring and Engaging.

We keep the core group of subjects; English, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education at the heart of the curriculum. This is further supplemented with our wider curriculum offerings, considering pupils wants, needs and abilities. All subjects still follow the recommendations of the National Curriculum Framework (click here) and their associated examination specifications.

Engagement in learning is a priority on students arrival at Greenfields Academy. Using each individual Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) we gather up to date interests, perceptions of learning and potential barriers to learning. This is further supplemented with conversations with the students themselves, parents, carers and support workers. The EHCP also gives an indication of current academic stages as well as other screening results such as those linked to attention, speech and language.

Within the first six weeks of their time at Greenfields Academy, we also carry out a range of profiling with our pupils to check for additional needs, literacy and numeracy levels. This helps inform planning and enable us to guide pupils towards an appropriately levelled curriculum.

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