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Pupil Premium

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What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantages pupils of all abilities and to close the gaps between them and their peers.

Pupils Premium funding is available to:
Local-authority-maintained schools, including:
• Special Schools – for children with special educational needs or disabilities
• Pupils Referral Units (PRUs) – for children who can’t go to a mainstream school

Academies and Free Schools, including:
• Special Academies – for children with special educational needs or disabilities
• Alternate Provision (AP) Academies – for children who can’t go to a mainstream school
• Voluntary-sector Alternative Provision, with local authority agreement
• Non-maintained special schools (NMSS) – schools for children with special educational needs that the Secretary of State for Education has approved under Section 342 of the Education Act 1996

At Greenfields Academy, we see our Pupil Premium as being a tool to help all of our pupils achieve their full potential. Through the provision of a targeted, stimulating curriculum that supports every individual in our care and enables them to grow socially and academically we aim to break down the barriers and enable all children to succeed.

Using Pupil Premium effectively

The Education Endowment Foundation produced a teaching and learning toolkit to help teachers and schools effectively use Pupil Premium to support disadvantaged pupils. Its families of schools database helps teachers learn about effective practice from similar schools. It has also produced an evaluation tool to help schools measure the impact of the approaches they are using.

As a school we are proud that our main focus is to develop your child as a whole person, ensuring that they have the academic skills and life skills necessary to lead a full and productive life post 16.

How did we use our Pupil Premium funding during the 2018-2019 school year?

In the financial year 2018-2019, 75% of students were eligible for Pupil Premium funding resulting in a total of £32,505.41 to be devolved to the academy.

Pupil Premium in 2018-19 was spent on the following:

Intervention/Small Groups & 1:1 English Intervention: £10,000
Learning Resources Books: £4,000
Software Packages (My Maths, Active Teach Pearsons): £4,000
Personalised Learning off-site vocational centre: £4,500
Pastoral Support Attendance Intervention (TIMS): £10,000

In 2018/19 our pupils faced the following barriers to learning and this is how we addressed these barriers:

Intervention Programme – pupils were offered 1:1 or small group work both in and outside the classroom area. Specific co-ordinators were nominated to manage intervention programme purchase resources for Maths & English specifically for catch up. Head of Departments researched new materials/software for specific pupil interest Friends programme. Pupils accessed a weekly session with pastoral staff to support them with their extreme behavioural needs.
Mid-year Admissions – pupils eligible for PP are likely to make less progress than non PP baseline pupils. Within their first 4 weeks of entry to the academy, we generate a personalised timetable that includes specific intervention sessions Friends programme. Pupils access a weekly session with pastoral staff to support them with their extreme behavioural needs. We offer pupils opportunities to practice functional skills Maths & English within a creative curriculum; e.g. motor vehicles.
Reading levels for PP pupils is expected to be below their chronological age. The Head of English develops an intensive intervention programme specially to raise reading levels. We purchase reading materials appropriate to the pupil’s interests and external barriers.
Current attendance for PP pupils is likely to fall below national expectations. Daily contact with parents via the home/school Liaison Officer and home visits to support families and work closely with outside agencies.
English & Maths – PP pupils are not likely to have made English and Maths at KS2 floor targets, our target is to baseline pupils on entry to the academy to ascertain accurate levels. These base line assessments will then inform any intervention programme aimed, raising levels by filling gaps in learning. Following 6 weeks of intervention staff will then re-assess in order to ascertain progress. The academy will measure the impact of PP funding through the whole school progress tracking system, which includes termly individual targets for each pupil and the completion of termly curriculum progress meetings. We will also analyse the number of physical management, bullying incidents and the increase in weekly certificates. SLT will contact parents/carers each term to discuss their child’s individual PP action plan and if appropriate invite parents in for a meeting.

What impact has this had?

Within English 45% of pupils who received Pupil Premium last academic year made expected or above expected progress; while in Math’s 43% of PP pupils made expected or above expected progress.

Pupils not attending school were supported through the provision of a bespoke Truancy and Inclusion Mentor programme.

Year 7 Catch Up Funding During the academic year 2018-2019, Greenfields Academy received £2,000 Year 7 Catch Up Funding. This funding was used to contribute to the salaries of the staff providing interventions to Year 7 pupils. This included literacy and numeracy software packages and school counsellor access:

My Maths: £199
Mathletics + Reading Eggs £504
Counselling Salary Contribution £750
Interventions Salary Contribution £547

The Impact:

September 2018July 2019
Pupil ALiteracy Progress Score 8
Numeracy Progress Score 13
Literacy Progress Score 10.75
Numeracy Progress Score 16
Pupil BLiteracy Progress Score 16.5
Numeracy Progress Score 13
Literacy Progress Score 20
Numeracy Progress Score 16
Pupil CLiteracy Progress Score 8.5
Numeracy Progress Score 10
Literacy Progress Score 10.75
Numeracy Progress Score 13
Pupil DLiteracy Progress Score 15
Numeracy Progress Score 12
Literacy Progress Score 18
Numeracy Progress Score 14.75

All Year 7 pupils have access to the school counsellor and are able to access the service on a timetabled weekly basis if required, as well as and when required.

During 2019/20 academic year, we anticipate receiving a similar amount of money and the school intend to continue funding intervention strategies. This will comprise of Literacy + Numeracy intervention, Play Therapy and Counselling. This list is not complete nor exhaustive as each pupil will be assessed for the appropriate intervention strategies.

What are our plans for the future?

At Greenfields Academy we value feedback from parents as we work in partnership to enable all members of our community to succeed. As such we are delighted to tell you that in the coming year we will be extending our use of Pupil Premium to include among others:

• The provision of qualified Counsellors who are available at set points in school to help pupils who have difficulties controlling their emotional state
• The provision of Lego Therapy, Art Therapy, and Play Therapy
• The provision of a Sensory Room, weighted blankets and sensory resources to aid our pupils in crisis
• The provision of bespoke intervention programmes aimed at closing gaps in English and Mathematics

How will this year’s Pupil Premium funding be used? (2019 – 2020)

This year our Pupil Premium funding will be in the region of £50,000. This funding is allocated to support the 73% of students on our roll who are entitled to Pupil Premium. Of this 73%, 50% receive Free School Meals and 23% are Looked After or Previously Looked After Children, Adopted or children with a Special Guardianship Order.

At Greenfields Academy we are proud that the main focus of our work is to develop your child as a whole person, ensuring that they have the academic skills and life skills necessary to lead a full and productive life post 16.

As such in the coming year we will be extending our use of Pupil Premium within our interventions programme to include among others:

• The resourcing and provision of a bespoke Truancy and Inclusion Mentor Programme which will enable us to facilitate learning for those pupils with attendance in lessons or school below 92%.
• The continued provision of counselling, Lego therapy and play/art therapy support for our Pupil Premium pupils.
• The purchase of IT equipment and resources for use within our intervention provision. These resources will include IPads, laptops, tablets and apps that develop reading and numeracy skills among others.
• The provision of a sensory room, sensory resources, weighted blankets, ‘safe space’ sensory tent and the development of a family room in order to create a less formal, less stressful environment in which we can meet with parents.
Pupil Premium funding was reviewed in July 2019 and the next review for the academy’s pupil premium strategy will be in July 2020.

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