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Term Dates

Greenfields Academy - Part of C.I.T Academies

Greenfields Academy Term Dates 2020/2021/2022/2023


The return of pupils this September is being phased to allow for staff training.
Since lockdown began, staff qualifications have lapsed because of staff not being able to attend training courses. Many of these courses are a statutory requirement to allow staff to work in a special school environment.

To facilitate this, pupils will return to school on the following dates:

Monday 7th September 2020School opens for Year 11 pupils
Monday 14th September 2020School opens for Primary 3 pupils
Tuesday 15th September 2020School opens for Primary 2 pupils
Wednesday 16th September 2020School opens for Primary 1 pupils and Year 7, 8, 9 and 10
Thursday 22nd October 2020Half Term
Friday 23rd October 2020Inset Day
Monday 2nd November 2020Term 2
Thursday 17th December 2020Christmas Break
Monday 4th January 2021Term 3
Friday 12th February 2021Half Term
Monday 22nd February 2021Term 4
Wednesday 31st March 2021Easter Break
Thursday 1st April 2021Inset Day
Monday 19th April 2021Term 5
Friday 28th May 2021Half Term
Monday 7th June 2021Term 6
Wednesday 21st July 2021Summer Break
Thursday 2nd September 2021Inset Day
Friday 3rd September 2021Inset Day
Monday 6th September 2021Term 1
Friday 22nd October 2021October Break
Monday 1st November 2021Inset Day
Tuesday 2nd November 2021Term 2
Friday 17th December 2021Christmas Break
Tuesday 4th January 2022Inset Day
Wednesday 5th January 2022Term 3
Friday 11th February 2022February Break
Monday 21st February 2022Term 4
Friday 1st April 2022Easter Break
Tuesday 19th April 2022Term 5
Friday 27th May 2022May Break
Monday 6th June 2022Term 6
Friday 22nd July 2022Summer Break
Thursday 1st September 2022Inset Day
Friday 2nd September 2022Inset Day
Monday 5th September 2022Term 1
Friday 21st October 2022October Break
Monday 7th November 2022Term 2
Wednesday 21st DecemberChristmas Break
Tuesday 3rd January 2023Term 3
Friday 10th February 2023February Break
Monday 20th February 2023Term 4
Thursday 30th March 2023Easter Break
Friday 31st March 2023Inset Day
Monday 17th April 2023Term 5
Friday 26th May 2023May Break
Monday 5th June 2023Term 6
Friday 21st July 2023Summer Break
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