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Revolving Door

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Greenfields Academy are proud of our engagement and success in the
‘Revolving Door’ scheme in Lincolnshire

Pupils placed at Greenfields Academy have an Annual Review of their EHCP. At each review we explore whether Greenfields continues to be the correct setting to meet pupil need. In the vast majority of cases, the placement continues. However, where pupils demonstrate sustained and strong progress (pastorally and academically), positive emotional awareness, good attendance and have the desire to do so, a carefully planned and supported ‘return to mainstream school’ can be initiated through the ‘Revolving Door’ scheme. This provides schools, pupils and families up to a 6-month period of being dual-rolled (on roll at Greenfields and at the mainstream school), providing a ‘safety-net’ of being able to return to Greenfields should the transition be too challenging. This time period also increases the likelihood of success because it improves inter-school partnership working, graded transitional arrangements and increased specialist support from Greenfields into the mainstream provision. Whilst this scheme can be initiated at any point in a pupils journey with us, we tend to try and complete ‘Revolving Door’ periods to coincide with key points in advance of Key Stage transitions.

For more information on the ‘Revolving Door’ scheme, please contact Assistant Headteacher, Jodie Wilkes, and your SEND Caseworker at Lincolnshire County Council. Similar schemes are available for pupils residing in other Local Authorities too.


Pupil Testimonial

Since January 2023, 6 pupils have accessed the ‘Revolving Door’ scheme at Greenfields, with a successful transition rate of 85%. Partnerships have been established with mainstream schools in Grantham, Lincoln, Bourne and Horncastle to support this. Crucially this also supports the wider SEMH strategy for Lincolnshire, through releasing capacity at Greenfields to provide access to other pupils with complex SEMH needs in need of specialist provision.

I am so happy to have had the chance at Greenfields and for all the help they gave me to get the opportunity to succeed at MAINSTREAM SCHOOL. I do find MAINSTREAM SCHOOL really hard sometimes, but Greenfields made me feel I could achieve this and taught me how to cope. Thankyou everyone.

Greenfields Pupil

November 2023

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