Greenfields Academy is part of C.I.T Academies
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Who’s Who

Greenfields Academy - Part of C.I.T Academies

Executive Head

Chris Armond

Deputy Head & DSL

Nicola Todd

Assistant Headteacher (Head of School)

Andy Rush

Assistant Headteacher

Beth Archer

Pastoral Manager & Outdoor Education

Jonathan Scarborough

Safeguarding Officers

Chris Armond
Nicola Todd

Teaching Staff

Nadine Oldman – Primary Class 1, Pinewood
Ryan Frost – Primary Class 2, Stixwould
Lindsey Thurlby – Primary Class 3, Stapleford

Beth Seton – Year 7 Nurture, Willingham
Nick Jackson/ Claire White – Year 8 Nurture, Sherwood/ Epping
Melanie Hemmings – English – Year 9 Pastoral Tutor, Colwick
Year 10, Grizedale
Adam Stanley – Art & Technology and Year 11 Pastoral Tutor, Blidworth

Nicola Todd – Food Technology
Jonathan Scarborough – Behaviour & Support
Victoria Cook – Health, Social & Child Care
Zak Zablockyj – Physical, Social & Outdoor Education (Primary & Secondary)

Teaching Assistants

Kerri Cockroft
Kimberley Foister
Arianne Pilgrim
Isabel Setchell
Victoria Cook
Kris Sumner
Julie Simpson
Nick Harvey
Michelle Rawlings
Richard Faye
Leanne Hoy
Sam Scothern

Intervention Staff

Jonathan Scarbrough- Leader of Pastoral & Wellbeing Interventions
Jillian Lawson- Pastoral & Wellbeing Interventions
Jade Tupper- Curriculum Interventions (Primary)
Sarah Smith- Curriculum Interventions (Secondary)
Tobey Vidler- Physical, Sensory & Wellbeing Interventions

TIMS & School Counsellor

Paul Wheeler

Play Therapist

Rachel Hill

Finance Administrator

Amanda Smith

SEN Office Administrator


School Operations Manager

Claire Woodlock

School Business Manager & Exams Officer

Denise Selby

Catering Staff

Helen Walsh

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