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House System

Greenfields Academy - Part of C.I.T Academies

On arrival at Greenfields Academy all students are placed in to one of two houses, helping them to develop a sense of team spirit, make new friends and become increasingly more involved in school life. The house system is at the heart of our school and enables students to work together cohesively across the year groups as a team. Our three Greenfields Houses are:




The merit system

The aim of the house system is to encourage team motivation and to ensure all students aspire to achieve success, both inside and outside the Greenfields Academy. Students will have a sense of ownership for their house and we aim to provide a wide range of sporting and educational competitions to promote teamwork and a community spirit.

Within the house system there will be important roles of responsibility for students such as House Captains. We encourage students to progress into these roles and offer leadership, guidance, and support to all students within their house.

Each house has a senior learning assistant (SLA) as their head of house to support all house events. The house captains will meet regularly with their head of house to discuss any issues they have to ensure a resolution is reached. Older students are encouraged to take on responsibility for mentoring younger members of their house as part of their personal development.

Every house achievement also builds up points for their house. In addition, individual students gain points for their house through their behaviour and attendance. The results of all these events count towards the presentation of the house trophy at the end of each school year and the winning house will meet to organise a house trip to acknowledge their accomplishments.

At the Greenfields Academy we value traditional qualities such as hard work, honesty, good manners and consideration for others. For this reason, any student to demonstrate these qualities both inside and outside the Greenfields Academy will be awarded merits.

The merits will be totalled up throughout the school year and pupils will receive vouchers to spend. The more merits a student obtains the larger the value of the voucher they will receive.
Students can earn merits for a variety of other reasons:

• For good work and any homework that is completed and returned.
• For wearing correct uniform.
• For achieving Individual targets– every pupil who successfully completes their behavioural targets will earn merits.
• For representing the school as an Ambassador or as a school council member.
• For representing their house in the various sporting and educational competitions throughout the year.