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House System

Greenfields Academy - Part of C.I.T Academies

Greenfield’s Houses

The development of the Greenfields House System was to provide a sense of belonging for all, whilst creating a sense of identity as a community both collectively and individually. This also provides greater opportunities for members of different ages to interact through provision, as well as opportunities of responsibility and development of leadership skills. In general, we aim to build, develop and enhance relationships throughout the entire school, pupils, staff, parents and the wider community to ensure a inclusive community. Furthermore, the House System maximises learning and development opportunities and provides opportunities for all to be involved in worthwhile activities that reflect the values of the school and contemporary society.

The House names and identities were chosen and based on the immediate surroundings of the school:

Oak House

Symbolises strength, morale, resistance and knowledge. Oak is also considered a storehouse of wisdom embodied in its towering strength.

Cedar House

Symbolises strength and longevity. Cedar trees also represent protection in the way they grow, shed and protect. Poets and Artists used the sign of cedar as a cultural symbol of strength, eternity and endurance. (Shakespeare, Tennyson). Cedar is also one of few that has stood the and endured thunderous periods of history.

Willow House

Symbolises balance, learning, growth and harmony. Its’ image presents and represents strength, stability and structure along with standing firm against the greatest of challenges.

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