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Social and Emotional Learning

Greenfields Academy - Part of C.I.T Academies

Greenfields Academy is committed to supporting pupil’s mental health and wellbeing. It is essential that our pupils have the opportunities they need to achieve their full potential and grow into happy and healthy adults. Good mental health and social and emotional learning is a vital part of developing the skills and character they need to do that.

“Some emotions (such as sadness, anger) can block learning, while others (such as a sense of wellbeing, feeling safe and feeling valued) promote learning. So, learning to manage emotions can assist learning.” Greenhalgh 1994

All learning is social and all learning is emotional. In order for our pupils to achieve their academic potential, and become happy and healthy adults, it is essential that they develop their social and emotional understanding beyond the classroom. We teach our pupil’s to be kind, resilient and empathetic individuals by helping them learn about their own feelings and what makes them feel good and not so good. We promote positive mental health, healthy pupil behaviours and endeavour to equip our pupils to thrive in the face of difficulties and hardships and be a positive member of society.

SEMH Strategy for Lincolnshire 2023-26
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