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Greenfields pupils dissect their Science topic!

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Greenfields pupils dissect their Science topic!

Year 9 pupils at Greenfields Academy are currently studying the respiratory system during their Biology lessons and had the opportunity to dissect a pig lung in order to learn more about the subject.

They began by inspecting the structures they have been learning about, before opening up the Trachea (windpipe) and following this down to the Bronchi. The pupils were fascinated to learn that at this point, the Trachea separates into the left and right lung, the pupils continued following into the Bronchus, noticing further branching into the Bronchioles. From here, the channels become microscopic in size, ending in an Alveolus.

Nick Harvey, Science Teacher at Greenfields, explained: “The pupils retained and recalled an impressive amount of knowledge about the topic and thoroughly enjoyed the lesson, particularly when the lungs were inflated.

The experience of actually ‘seeing and doing’ real Science has had a big impact on the children!”


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