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It’s a frog’s life at Greenfields

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It’s a frog’s life at Greenfields

Thanks to the Edina Trust, Greenfields Academy will now be able to purchase much needed new science equipment in order to increase the pupils amount of practical hands-on interaction.

Pupils often find it difficult to concentrate in a traditional classroom setting, so where possible Greenfields take learning outside. For many years the pond located outside the school has been critical to the science curriculum. Unfortunately for the school, someone broke into the school grounds and slashed the bottom of the pond causing the water to drain away, and killing the plants and the fish. Luckily, the frogs survived, and we were able to re-home them nearby. This incident left the pupils without a critical educational resource.

Chris Armond, Executive Headteacher, “We are delighted to be able to work with the Edina Trust to develop our teaching of science. Thanks to this £600 funding we can now restore the pond to its former glory and allow scientific activities to take place once more for our pupils. The children can’t wait to get started on replenishing this outdoor area.”

The pond will be home to fish, frogs, tadpoles, birds and insects, which all help the children to learn about wildlife and their habitats. The goal is to engage the pupils in learning about plants, conductors and insulators, forces, evolution and much more.

Watch out for progress updates coming soon…

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