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Inter-house Basketball and Badminton

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Inter-house Basketball and Badminton

During term 2, PE lessons at Greenfields focused on Basketball and Badminton. Pupils developed a variety of different skills in both sports, from passing and shooting in Basketball, to flick serves and drop shots in Badminton.


Towards the end of term 2 pupils got the chance to represent their houses:

  • Lancaster
  • Hurricane
  • Spitfire

The house captains and sports captains worked closely together to put their teams together. Captains got some time before matches to run last minute drills and give some motivational words of encouragement. The matches were off to a great start, all players showing determination to make their houses proud.

On the final whistle:

  • Spitfire claimed victory for Basketball.
  • Lancaster claimed victory for Badminton.

A massive well done from all staff to all those who represented their houses! Fantastic team work!

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