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Is your child eligible for Free School Meals (FSM)?

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Is your child eligible for Free School Meals (FSM)?

The Free School Meals (FSM) eligibility checking team can provide comprehensive advice and information on the legal requirements of free school meals and checking of eligibility using the Central Government Benefit Hub.

Parents and carers can apply for free school meals by using the online parent portal via the Lincolnshire County Council website, CLICK HERE.

Benefits for Children and Young People

  • Improves educational attainment and children’s social skills and behaviour;
  • ensures that children have access to at least one healthy meal each day, and supports the development of long term healthy eating habits;
  • helps families with the cost of living, saving an average of £437 per eligible child;
  • ensures children have the right amount of energy and nutrients to sustain them during the afternoon;
  • improves performance in the classroom.


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